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    Hi Sarah, it’s 8.15 on Tuesday morning (28th April) and I’ve just finished listening you preaching on “What happened next?” What can I say 10/10 & gold star! I always enjoy your preaching. It is full of passion and applicable good sense and biblically rooted. I’m excited by what the Lord said to you prophetically. What a promise “you have not seen anything yet!” Gareth and you took on a church that was dying and under the direction of the Holy Spirit you have been enabled to raise it up to where it is today. I wonder what will happen in the next 2o years!! You have laid a firm foundation spiritually, God has given you a huge building, I believe He intends to fill it.
    The journey has been challenging to say the least, Churchill’s words to the nation at the beginning of WW2 was “I have nothing to offer you but blood, sweat and tears” and guess you might identify with that sentiment but I’m equally sure there has been much fruit and much rejoicing and countless answers to prayer and many souls saved.
    We live in challenging times but there is I believe and a great opportunity for sharing the gospel and we should go for it, in as many ways as God shows us..
    I’ve been listening to Gareth’s preaching as well. Gareth you preach sound doctrine filled with good sense and Godly wisdom, which is becoming rare, keep it up! I know you will..
    With much love to you both and to your church, I am confident that you will experience much blessing in the days to come.
    Brian (2 holy kisses- one each!)

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