Mobile Comics Factory


The MCF is a social arts project lead by Jim Lockey, as a church we support the administration and monitoring of the project as a way of supporting community development.

With the Mobile Comics Factory we are on a mission to ignite the creative potential of a generation, to promote positive modes of self-expression and give the young people of Folkestone a greater voice in the community… All through comic books!

The MCF is a modded old tricycle, designed to provide dynamic workshops in making comics and zines to local teens.

The Factory gives young people tools to create and distribute their own comics and fanzines. Working with schools, youth clubs and by travelling to public spaces such as parks the Mobile Comics Factory meets young people in the places they are. By partnering with local artists we provide a dynamic library of comics and zines, utilizing Folkestone’s amazing creative community to inspire the next generation and address local social needs

To find out more about the project including a calendar of upcoming events please follow this link…


We work hard to provide a safe and welcoming atmosphere where young people and parents feel confident. All our volunteers are CRB checked and the club runs in connection with Urban Saints.