Information about our how you can connect with church during the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak

At Harbour Church we are carefully following the advice of the government and experts to ensure we are able to help lead the community in keeping safe during these times. We are also taking steps to make sure we are able to provide new and innovative ways of allowing people to connect to the church community and worship together.We want to continue to meet the needs in our community and rise to the new challenges presented.

Message from Gareth Webber
I am sure most of you will not be surprised to hear that we have had to make significant changes to our church programme to protect the vulnerable members of the church and community. However, our meeting was not a meeting of sadness but one of hope.
We spent a significant amount of time discussing the key things our church does for us as believers and the wider community. We will continue to do these things; but for the immediate future we will be doing them in a different way. As we talked there was a sense of excitement about the creative ways, we can find to meet the needs of the church and the community.
Please be assured that we are determined to find a way to preach the gospel, to pray, to grow as Christians and to have fellowship, even though, for the moment, the way we do that will change.
As from now all our midweek public events will be suspended until circumstances change. This will include, Harbour Tots, Harbour Kids, Coffee morning, and Harbour Youth.
Some of our in-house events will change, we will make Wednesday prayer meeting a virtual meeting using video conferencing software that is freely available. For those who are not technically able we can provide support while we get up and running.
Connect groups will continue to run but will be a combination of real and online meetings; for example, last night Jon and Bec’s group met with 4 people in a room and 3 others by video conference.
Sunday morning, we will not be meeting together at our building, but will be using Facebook to stream live, as we did last week. Last week we had a few technical issues which we have already solved before this coming Sunday.
Happily, this email is not just about the things we are removing from our programme, from next week we will be opening the building as a space for individuals to come and pray.
We are also asking how we can respond to the social needs of our community during this crisis. We will be unfolding that response later in the week. If you are happy to volunteer to help; either practically or by phoning/skyping lonely people, please let us know.

Finally, a simple reminder that the church is not a building or a programme of meetings, but a group of people following Jesus in Folkestone. We are part of the family of God; for the moment like most families, we are having to adjust the way we live our lives. Let’s be patient and gracious with one another. At this time prayer is more important than ever so please pray for our world, our community, one another and for us as a leadership team.
God Bless you